The Gear Is Stowed



The Battles Won



 The final bell has rung




 It's hobby time!!!


Welcome to Arts Hobby Projects.

This web site is dedicated to all those really cool things that I wanted to do when life wasn't gettin' in the way!

Right now it's filled with motorcycle stuff (mostly of the vintage persuasion) and I'm really having a great time with that. As time goes by, I'll add other things that catch my interest and hopefully will interest you too.


In the summer of 1969 I bought a brand new Triumph Bonneville. In those days I spent more time on the bike than I did in a car. Finally there came a time when the bike got set aside and family, the job, STUFF took it's place. But now I'm back. Older, slower, and a whole lot grayer, but still swingin'.

And for you guys and gals out there still "on the job", hang in there. I promise, it'll be worth it.

So, come along and have a look at Arts Bikes.