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Tank and front fender paint work.


The tank of the '69 had suffered several failures over the years which I had repaired in the past. Those repairs seemed to be holding so the only thing that I had to deal with was the leaks at the top seam at the front.





I also took this opportunity to re-solder the filler neck. I had noticed what I think was a small amount of intrusion of fuel under the old paint and suspect that was the culprit. 



After primer a silver base was added. This base also became the base for the silver on the front fender.




Then the Olympic Flame in PPG Radiance was added. The color that you see is not the final coat of color but at this point the tank was placed on a table in the normal upright position for the final coats. The Radiance is a candy apple type of paint and because of that you add coats until you are satisfied with the shade.







After the Radiance was built up, clear coat was added and allowed to dry. Then the masking was done and the scallops were added and additional clear sprayed over the whole thing. I find that it is difficult to get the sharp points when trying to mask a negative, hence the sequence of steps here.