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The Cafe Side of Life.


When I began the '71 Bonneville project, it was for the purpose of building a Cafe bike. However, when I got into the disassembly I found that the bike was too original for me to be able to bring myself to cut it up as one would a normal Cafe build. So, the plan that I reformulated was to restore the bike and then Cafe it so that it could be switched back and forth from one presentation to the other with a weekend or so of work.




















What follows is the build for the Cafe of the bike.


There are several areas that are involved in the transformation. I have provided links to each area so that the viewer can select more information about that particular area as one's interests dictate.



Rear Sets


Exhaust Hangers




Seat and Rear Cowl


Front and Rear Fender


Tank and Fairing






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