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'71 Engine Work




I began removal of the engine by removing the cylinder head while still in the frame. I find that this is really easier than trying to wrassel the engine/head assembly out of the frame by myself.




The head steady on the '71 is a little different that it is on my '69. I guess an attempt to reduce production costs.




I had this old engine stand lying around. My son and I had mounted the engine out of his Mustang on it but when I tried to mount the engine from my E-Type on it I found it to be too small so replaced it. However, with a little fabbing, it fit the T-120 engine just fine.







The white plastic on the roll of tape was added for contrast. The cover has not been cleaned but is shown immediately after removal.





The writing on the casket material is not very clear but it was found on many of the gaskets.






Disassembly of the engine/gear box proceeded..




Until I Eventually I got to the bottom of it all, the sludge trap in the crank. Even with what I believe to be low mileage there is still a build up. That hole is actually round.





A bore brush in .45 caliber did a good job.



After a through cleaning of the cases I heated the case and removed the timing side main bearing.





Using a home made driver I heated the case and froze the bearing/driver and then drove the new bearing in place.




Same thing with the transmission output shaft bearing. 




The bearing came sealed, I just removed the seal on the wet side to allow for lubrication from the transmission fluid.




Next the crank, rods, and cams got loaded in the left side case.




After the cases were buttoned up the timing side was assembled.




A new seal for the crank snout.



And then the timing cover. I have a new patent plate but will wait until the engine is assembled before adding it.



The transmission is assembled but not the shift mechanism. The cover is in place just to keep the dirt out. Same with the old point cover. Once the engine is complete I will add the new chrome cover.