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'71 Frame Painting and Reassembly.





Here the main frame is partially stripped.



July, 2012

Here the frame and additional parts have been bead blasted and treated with a rust converter.





As I have mentioned before, the '71 project is a fill in project, to be worked on in between other projects, most notably my Jag project

Jag paint and body

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In the case of the painting I am trying to economize on my materials by using up the leftovers on the Bonneville. The paint that I am using is a PPG catalyzed urethane. The paint itself has a good shelf life even after being opened. The problem is the catalyst. Most of it has only a 2 week shelf life once it is opened. Any not used by then must be discarded. I had enough left over from the painting secessions with the Jag that I was able to epoxy primer the frame and paint it, there by utilizing hardener which would have otherwise been discarded.


In August the wife was out of town leaving me at home with idle hands. Ahhh, time to get out the plating stuff and see what I could do with some of the hardware.




Also got a call from the real platers that both my Jag order and the bike order were ready to be picked up.






In September I got some more frame stuff painted, same deal, with left over catalyst.



And dealt with the hubs. Initially I had thought about polishing them however after a thorough cleaning I realized that the castings were just not suitable for polishing, they were too flawed. I picked a silver from the chip book at the paint store but once I got it shot I found that it was darker then I expected. I've looked at it for a while and have decided to let it ride, I think it's growing on me. 






October, 2012


After building the wheels and mounting the tires I finally had a rolling chassis. This meant that things could really start to take off now that I could move the frame around while working on it.