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Front and Rear Fender


The rear fender of a cafe must be functional but very understated. In actuality no fender would be the best looking treatment. However, practicality comes into play and so you need something to collect all the stuff the rear tire throws up and forward.


I thought of trying to make something from scratch but finally decided that the effort was going to be just too great. Especially since rear fenders were available at very reasonable prices. What I found was a slightly rusty, slightly beat up and dinged rear fender on e-Bay for not much money. The seller noted a split along the trailing edge (which probably discouraged other bidders) but I knew that was going to get cut off anyway. And, it was specifically from a '71 650 Triumph, how cool was that? All the mounting brackets and holes were already there and the arc was going to be correct. When it arrived I found that it was completely sound with only the small split mentioned in the add so I was off and running.


I spent quite a bit of time trying to decide just where and how to cut it and came up with this.




I finished the cut off with a piece of welding rod.




That got brazed into place.






This is good enough to start the body work with.



For the front fender I also started with a stock fender which I found on e-bay. This I shortened a little and rotated to the rear so that from the front it seemed more tucked in. I also lowered it down onto the tire.





I also noticed that the original was indented in the area adjacent to the fork dust covers. Sooo, a little work with a hammer.







Seems like a lot of work to lose only a few inches of metal. Hopefully this will still have a noticeable, if some what subtle, effect.