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Seat and Cowl


This part of the build began in spring of 2012. It then was spread over more than a year as time would allow. During that time the build of the bike in it's original form continued and was completed in fall of 2012.




Both the seat and the cowl presented several problems; the first of which was the fact that they would have to be bigger than would normally be found on a Cafe bike. This was necessitated by the fact that the upper frame loop of the bike was quite wide and, due to my self-imposed requirement that nothing on the bike be altered in such a way that it could not be put back, the seat pan would have to extend over the out side of the loop.


I would have liked to have made this out of aluminum but lack both the equipment and skill necessary to do that, so, it got made out of steel. I started with a piece of scrap sheet metal and laid out the seat.



Using an improvised brake, I bent the rear section up like so.



Next the sides got folded over.





And the rear section for the cowl trimmed.


I have no other way to make the kinds of curves that I need for the forming I have to do,  hence all the cuts and notches.



Next I needed a butt stop.




And then came the hard part. The cowl was going to be the most time consuming and technical part of the whole thing. I started with a piece of scrap that I marked with chalk into a grid. This I hoped would allow me to figure out where to pound to get it to bend into the shape I wanted.




After a whole bunch of beatin' and bangin' I ended up with this.





Next came the sides.









And, once welded and ground the seat pan looks like this.




And with a little of the body work done.



The cowl is removable. A thumb screw at the rear and a pin at the front will be all that is necessary to lock it in place. Under the cowl will be the battery and coils and perhaps some additional electronics.




And a start on the seat cover.



And a little more progress.






 July of 2013


 I got some of the painting done. The tank, fenders, and cowl were completed as well as the seat pan so in August assembly of the electronics in the rear cowl began.



Space is pretty tight but I was able to get the important things in there. Also, as I went along I made copious notes and eventually put together a complete wiring diagram for future reference.




The cowl dogs into that pin in the center top of the butt stop and is then secured with a thumb screw at the rear.



The wiring comes through the seat pan and travels under it to the terminal tray. There, two plugs make the connections for the ignition and battery.





And this is what the terminal tray looks like, yea it's pretty busy there. You can see the battery plug (black with 2 wires, red positive and black negative).


And the ignition plug (black with 3 wires, brown ignition, yellow right coil to points, and green left coil to points).