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'71 Tin Work




I was surprised to find how imprecise the scallops were on the tank.




On the left they came together just behind the screw hole for the badge.




And, on the right they came together just ahead of the hole.




Also note the difference between the two sides where the scallops end at the rear of the tank. I guess this was artistic license, or perhaps a lack of quality control.




At any rate, a little work with the palm sander and we were ready  to start anew.




It was September before I got color on the tank and fenders. As indicated previously, the Bonneville is a fill in project so only gets attention when not working on other projects like my Jag project. However, once in a while I get an opportunity such as here. I had a little catalyst left over and knew I would not get to use it before it went bad. As it happens it is also the catalyst that I use for the  paint on the bike. This is much better than throwing it away.





I had the paint matched by my supplier as best they could based on what was on the underneath of the tank. Perhaps not perfectly correct but good enough for me.