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Wheel Building.


My wheel building began with lots of pictures and notes documenting off set and spoke pattern. Hopefully I will be able to get this stuff back in the right place when the time comes.











And the front hub offset.



After cleaning and bead blasting I realized that the castings were not going to polish very well. Paint was the other option and I chose an epoxy primer top coated with a catalyzed acrylic urethane. When I picked out the color I thought it would be a lighter shade of silver. However, once it was on I realized that it was darker than I expected. I can still re-spray it but have not yet decided to do so. I think it's growing on me.



The rims and spokes that I chose are from Buchanan

and are their Excel line. I chose the shouldered, aluminum rims in 19XWM2 for the front and 18XWM3 for the rear. These are the standard sizes for the bike and I was not adventurous enough to try for a wider size. I also got their SS spokes and nipples as well.


It took several weeks to get them so I am glad that I ordered them ahead of time and that they were there when I was ready to start reassembling.




Following the instructions I lubed the nipples and spoke threads prior to beginning with the supplied lubricant. Apparently SS has a tendency to seize if not properly lubed.



Following the note on the rim I laced the big side of the drum to this side of the rim. I don't see the difference but apparently the dimple pattern in the rim is slightly different for the left and right sides.


Reassembly brought with it several false starts as I ran into a couple of annoying problems. Disassembly was easy as you just undo everything and it all falls apart. There was, however, a sequence to reassembly in order to have everything go together smoothly.



I discovered that the axel would not allow the small side spokes to clear.



Removal of the axel shaft solved that.



The next problem encountered was that the small side spokes would not clear the big side spokes. Sooo, OK, disassembly of the big side spokes and a start over was in order.




 Butttt, once the small side spokes were in place and the first set of the big side spokes were laced there was an interference problem with the last set of big side spokes. This was solved by undoing, one at a time, the offending spoke and slipping them past one another.



Finally producing a completely laced front wheel.



After reinstalling the axel shaft and mounting the wheel in the front forks the fun began. The wheel has to be centered in the forks and run out, both up and down and side to side, must be dealt with.  After a couple of hours of tinkering things were looking pretty good. Time to move on to the rear wheel.




Next, tires and tubes.


Happily, the UPS man showed up a few days later with the remainder of my tire order, namely tubes and rubber bands. After several hours of painstaking work I finally had a rolling chassis.



I realize now just how shabby that sprocket looks. At some  point I will pull it off and replate it to match every thing else.








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