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Stainless Steel engine plates.



I ordered some 3/16" plate from McMaster Carr in Atlanta and set about cutting them out. As it turned out, the fabrication wasn't as much of a pain as the polishing. But, I finally was able to produce acceptable pieces.


Three of the pieces were very straight forward. The left side engine mount plate, however, incorporated the mount for the brake peddle and that took a little engineering. Had I been able to weld the bush in place it would have been easier but instead I threaded it in.



And here is the bush prior to polishing.












The plates came out pretty good. I also made pillion mounts. They are not exactly the same as original but it wasn't really worth the effort to me to copy the curve and flair of the original pedestals. And, of course, the hue is slightly different from chrome. But, it's still better than black paint to my eye. If I really want to, I still have the originals that I can strip and paint.