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For my trip to Birmingham I added an alarm system to the Thruxton. I was very concerned about leaving the bike parked in strange parking lots overnight and really, really did not want to have to walk home.

The alarm system that I chose was a Gorilla motorcycle alarm.





The basic alarm system has a main module plus a tilt sensor and a remote control device. It also has the option of adding a paging system which will let you know if the alarm is activated while you are out of earshot of the alarm. The cost of adding the paging system is no more than if you bought the upgraded system with paging capabilities to begin with so, for me, it was easy to try the standard system first.


My Thruxton has very little empty space on it. Eventually I would locate the module under the seat, just behind the battery. There was absolutely no room in the side covers. I would have preferred to keep the electronic device a little farther away from the battery than that but really didn't have a choice. So far, this has not caused a problem. One additional concern was the fact that the module actually touches the seat. This has yet to be a problem, I'll keep my fingers crossed.  



The module is attached by Velcro. Wiring is straight forward.



This is the Tilt sensor. It attaches via Velcro so that you can adjust it to get the angle right. That way, if the bike is moved off the side stand it automatically goes into alarm.



That little blue wire is the antenna for the remote.



There is a little indicator light. That's it in the little bracket attached to the original mirror mount. The other hole in the bracket is for my onboard camera. The light lets you know when the system is armed by flashing. It will also flash in a different pattern if the alarm has been set off.


So far this seems to work very well. It is quite sensitive. If I forget to deactivate it and place my helmet and gloves on the seat as I do while looking for keys, glasses, etc, it alarms. The same thing happens if I arm it before removing my helmet and gloves from the seat. This can be embarrassing so rigidly following my routine is helpful. On the other hand I have not had problems with it being set off by loud mufflers or stereos. There is a sensitivity setting that can be adjusted if that were to be a problem. When I was on the road I was always able to park the bike close enough to the room that I could hear the alarm if it went off during the night. I don't plan to add the paging system, but, requesting a ground floor room helps.

I can happily recommend this product.




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