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The helmet that I had when I bought the Thruxton was an HJC, full face helmet. It was a good helmet that fit me well and was quite comfortable.


 It wasn't very exciting though so I went looking for something a little more "period" to go with the Thruxton.

The first thing that I tried was a "puddin' bowl" half helmet that my son had given me. It started out basic gloss black and I decorated it with stickers. A very small investment.


The problem that I had was that, for some reason, it caught the wind like a parachute and at speed pivoted back on my head so that it was held on only by the strap around my neck.


Next I found a more period half helmet manufactured by HCI from Jafram.

 It is flat black and has leather covers for the ears. It was pretty cheap, around $35.00, and with about 10 bucks worth of stickers, looks like this.




The only problem was that it offered very little facial protection. Getting caught in the rain or a swarm of bugs was excruciating. Plus, I got so much water intrusion around my glasses that seeing was a problem. I intend to get a pair of goggles but the ones that I want have been unavailable for several months.


I contacted the EMGO about their over glasses goggles and they advised me that they had discontinued them suggesting that perhaps I could find a pair that were used or NOS. I was finally able to find a pair on e-bay. They were unused but I had to pay a little more than I wanted to but you know how it goes.





Goggles don't give me much protection from the bugs at speed and I'm not sure that I would want to spend much time wearing them. I still get a lot of wind noise as well so I decided that I needed a full face helmet for times when conditions warrant.


What I bought was an AFX FX90 from Rider's Discount

It was $53.96, to the door, and was a flat black that almost had a rubbery texture. You couldn't tell that by looking at it but when you touch it you can feel it. It took a little getting used to but now I see that it will not chip or scratch very easily and think that is a plus.




It is not quite as comfortable as my HJC, it seems a little tight around the ears. Perhaps a little work with the padding will improve that. For now it serves a useful purpose.


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