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December, 2010


After nearly 4 1/2 years delay, the Jag project has been resumed. The delay was caused by a lack of adequate work space. Finally that has been remedied.


In November the interior and wiring were removed and in December, the car was reduced to a shell in preparation for the bodywork and painting.



First I needed to get the bonnet off and out of the way.



Back in 2005 I built this cradle to assist in removing the Bonnet.


Back then I needed to get it out of the way so that I could remove the engine/transmission.


It now becomes useful again.



Next I built a cradle to move the body around. While it helps now, it will really be useful when reassembly is begun.



Another widget to aid in the process. In order to get the pressure from the torsion bar off the shock mounts I needed to lift the lower control arm. Normally, with the weight of the engine in the car you could just jack the wheel up. With out that weight, I needed something else. I will need it again during reassembly.




And finally down to the tub.



And still another widget.



Back  in 2004, when I removed the IRS, I blocked the unit up on the jack with 2X4s and plywood. This will be more stable. 




The IRS will get set aside until the tub and frame rails have been painted and reassembled. Then it will get restored and reinstalled.




And now begins what is probably the most unappealing part in all automotive projects. CLEANING!! Mind numbing, backbreaking cleaning. Oh well, I'll just try to keep my eye on the prize. 





January was spent scraping and cleaning on the firewall. Initially, I just need to get to the point that I can start sanding.






I know it doesn't look like much but it's progress.


February was split between the jag and several other smaller projects. However, I was able to make progress on the interior.



After the removal of all the insulation and interior covering I was left with the remnants of adhesive that was used to affix them to the metal. You can't sand this stuff, it has to be scraped, brushed, and finally washed with thinner.






As I worked I kept eying the sound deadening material that was on the floor. It was a type of asphalt/tar paper stuff and what had caught my attention was the bubbling that I found in places. 


I kept trying to determine if it was just in the tar or was it rust erupting underneath. Finally I began picking at it and found what I thought was a pinhole. Well, that settled it, it all had to come out. But, I had tricked myself. The pinhole turned out to be an unused bolt hole and there was absolutely no rust. But, by that time I was committed and so it all came out.



March, 2011.


I knew that I was going to need a rotisserie for the underside of the tub. So, for my trip in March, I built one and got the tub mounted. For more information about the rotisserie or any of the other tools that I built check out my tool page






And so the scraping and chipping continued on the underside.


In April the misery continued.



Most of the undercoating from the IRS well and fender wells was removed.


I also began working on the bonnet. I already had half the rotisserie for the bonnet.


And so only needed to build the other half.



Allowing me access to the underneath.




Along the way I continued to take numerous pictures with notes to myself to aid in reassembly.




And as the goop was removed more secrets were revealed.



This tape covered unused holes prior to undercoating. Seems an odd way for the factory to do that.



These plugs were also found. I will need to source a suitable replacement.



I know it doesn't look like much but finally getting to the end of the bulk of the tar is a very large relief.


In May I got the paint off of the tub in preparation for the body work.










And so begins the paint and body work.





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