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Paint Woes


Paint: PPG, DBC/DC4000 base coat clear coat with DCH3085 hardener (75-95 degrees)

Gun: Devilbiss plus gravity feed, 1.4 tip, 45psi at the gun


Shop temp: 82-84 degrees


Base coat went on good, flowed and laid down well. Clear coat mixed 4:1 paint to hardener, no reducer per tech sheet.


First coat went on very dry. Tech sheet says 5-7 min. between coats, I waited 10 min to see if it would lay down but it didn't. I also discovered a run but dismissed it as an error with the gun. I was on my hands and knees shooting the under pan and figured when I transitioned to the vertical I made a mistake.


Second coat mixed 4:1:1/2 reducer (DT885, 75-95 degrees). This still went on dry but better, no runs.


Third coat mixed at 4:1:1. I laid it on pretty hard trying to get it to flow and it seemed better, no dry places, pretty good gloss. It was after cleaning the gun that I rechecked it and began to find more runs. It seemed like they were still appearing 30 min. later.



At first glance the tub looks pretty good






Until you see this run. I found it after about 10 min. I would eventually find two others which are much smaller.



And then when you look real close you see this.




These tiny pin holes are all over the surface. They did not become visible until after tack.


The bonnet was a different story.


In an attempt to avoid the runs I reduced the tip size to 1.3, lowered the pressure to 40 psi,  and extended the time between coats to 15-20 min. Shop temp on that day was 75-78 degrees and I started with a 4:1:1 mix.




It doesn't look too bad from a distance but is quite dry once you look more closely. But, at least there are no runs. The surface is too rough to tell if there are pin holes.







And the underneath is even more pronounced.



Clearly, I did not get it wet enough here, a result of my fear of a run.


So, how do I get this stuff to flow with out running?




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