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July, 2005






After reassembly, the rack got put back on the car so it could be moved around.

Eventually, It got pulled off again during disassembly of the car for all the body work and painting. At that time the rack got painted as well.





While I am absolutely sure that the aluminum rack center housing was painted black from the factory I also know that the judging guide says that they are left aluminum and unpainted. I would eventually go back and strip the paint off that portion of the rack.




The black you see there isn't dirt, grunge, or contamination of any kind. It's black paint.


Unfortunately, ten years later, when the rack was installed and the engine started, I found that I had a leak that presented itself at the boots.


That would necessitate removing the rack for a third time. Either I nicked one of the seals during the original assembly or time had caused a problem. At any rate I replaced all the seals again. That seemed to fix it. I'll keep my fingers crossed.










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