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September, 2005


I was quiet impressed with the "robustness" of the Jag transmission. I've rebuilt numerous Ford top loaders as well as Muncies and Warner T-10s,  all of which are found behind considerably larger engines. This transmission, by virtue of it's shear mass,  should be very durable.

Inside, I was pleased to find most things to be in really good shape. It will get bearings, synchronizer rings, and of course gaskets and seals.



Here are the main shaft components.



I must confess, I have never seen a manual transmission with a pump. The pump supplies the main shaft with oil and as this pump is on the output shaft, it should be possible to tow this transmission without removing the driveshaft.



This is reverse gear.



Input shaft






Second and first



This was typical of the blocking rings. They were not battered and, when last driven, not clashing but replacing them was just a precaution.



By replacing the counter shaft I had a blank to make an assembly shaft. I cut the old one so that it was just long enough to hold every thing in place during assembly.


At this point I ran into a road block. I found, to my dismay, that the new needles for the counter gear were rusty. Not bad, but enough to mean that they couldn't be trusted. Compounding that, the rear main shaft bearing that I received was, not only of Japanese manufacture, but used to boot. It has been almost five months now and still these problems are not resolved.  


May, 2006

Finally, after much delay, I have all the pieces that I need to reassemble the transmission.








At this point, the transmission got put away until later.








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