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Welcome to my Jag Project Site


In March of 1970 I ordered a new XKE Roadster from the local Jaguar dealer. I bought the car for the most unlikely reasons. I had been driving a 1963 Ford Galaxy. Mann, was that car huge. It had a 406 cubic inch, 405 horse power monster engine that drank gas and should have been fast. Unfortunately, nothing I did could make that land yacht go like I wanted it to. Finally, in disgust, I gave up on it and bought my '69 Triumph Bonneville. What I found was that I really liked riding the bike and spent most of my time on it and very little time in the car.


So, I made the decision to get rid of the Ford and buy a car for weather that was too bad for the bike. I looked at several options, one of which was the new Corvette. But, at the time, I was working in a Chevrolet dealership and had worked on them. They were nightmares to work on so that option was rejected.


I chose the E-Type because it was easy to work on, got good gas mileage, and, I wouldn't be tempted to "fix it up". No more working on cars for me, just too much manual labor.

The car didn't get too many miles put on it as I rode the bike every where, but by 1986 it was leaking oil pretty badly and it didn't have enough room in it to haul all my gear. So, I just quit driving it. It sat until 2003 when I began the long journey back. This will be a long project. It will be made more difficult by the fact that I don't have a place sufficiently large to do such a restoration. I am working on building a shop but, until it is completed, I will have to work on the car one component at a time. I have begun by removing components, mechanically refurbishing them, and reinstalling them on the car. No attempt has been made to paint or do any pretty work. The only exception to this is the Cad plating. This I have been working on, a little at a time, using one of the Caswell kits for home plating.  I have tried to break the project up into what seemed like appropriate pages so that the viewer can go to the page that he feels is most interesting . So, come visit my trials and tribulations with my Jag.         


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