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Matris F15T106K Fork Cartridge



 The problem that I am having is that the compression cartridge is full on all the time, no matter what I do with the adjuster socket head screw. These are the steps that I have taken to try to figure out why this is so.

I disassembled both the cartridges, starting with the compression cartridge. I found nothing improper with the way that they were assembled. I found nothing like metal shavings that could explain this.









Next I tested the dampener tube to be sure that it was not stuck.









Both the compression and rebound dampener adjuster tubes compressed easily and popped back up when I removed my finger.







Next I built this container to see if I could test this a little better. It is just a piece of 2"PVC pipe into which I placed enough fork oil to cover the four ports that are midway down the cartridge.






I am still working with the compression cartridge.



Then I tried the rebound cartridge.






I guess the oil that comes out of the top seal is just a leak. As it would just drain into the fork, I guess that it does no harm although it would have to be calculated into the dampening rate by the manufacture. Of course the rider would not know the difference. Perhaps it contributes to lubrication of the dampening rod?


Anyway, it appears to me that the compression cartridge is not passing fluid internally and the only thing that keeps it from being hydraulically locked, once it gets full of oil, is the leak around the seal or bush at the top.